Yoga for Fatigue

by Restorative Yoga Poses on July 25, 2011

Combating Fatigue with Yoga:

Fatigue is a normal bodily response to physical and emotional stress. This is aggravated by working and exerting one’s self too much and not getting enough rest and sleep. The person suffering from fatigue usually complains of two things – not enough energy to do things and not enough motivation to continue things. Fatigue is best alleviated with a healthy lifestyle – proper eating, stress reduction activities, ample rest and sleep, and exercise.

One of the best exercises that can be done to relieve fatigue is yoga. Why is yoga effective in this regard? This is because yoga is a discipline that effectively combines physical movement through its different poses, stress alleviation and rest through meditation, and it helps stimulate the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system which is responsible for triggering the body’s renewal and regeneration responses.

There are cases that fatigue can be readily remedied with a few lifestyle changes. There are others, however, that may need more drastic modes of treatments. Regardless of how severe it is, yoga presents an optimal modality to combat fatigue. This is because it is able to address the physical causes of the condition. It even explores the emotional facets that the condition brings along by fostering self-observation and self-assessment that leads to, more often than not, an understanding of the root causes and how it should be properly dealt with.

Yoga uniquely offers the opportunity to exercise at a multi-dimensional level – it affects the physical, mental, psychological and emotional aspects of the body and the individual. That is something that most regular exercise regimens cannot do. Yoga is also flexible enough to allow the practitioner to regulate his/her level of activity. This helps the person to avoid over-exertion and exhaustion. Though fatigue is mostly a normal response to the stressors of daily life, it may also mean that there is a more serious medical condition underneath it. It is best to seek professional medical consultation if fatigue and its effects persist.

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