Why Jeff Chandler Supports Restorative Yoga

by Restorative Yoga Poses on February 28, 2012

Jeff Chandler teaches at Salamba Yoga Studio in Oak Cliff, Dallas Texas. Jeff has taught restorative yoga for over 10 years emphasizing breath work and supportive poses. See his complete profile here.

1. Restorative yoga is a beautiful style of yoga, both powerful and gentle. How did you initially come to learn about this type of yoga?

My interest grew out of savasana. How could one expand this bliss even further was my main question.

2. What key intentions do you share with your restorative yoga students?

Exhale, and feel how close you can get to truly letting go.

3. Please share any personal transformations and insights that you’ve gained through your practice of restorative yoga.

Restorative has added an element of calm to my existence that seldom occurred on it’s own

4. In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of restorative yoga?

Going offline from our active minds, conscious unconsciousness.

5. If you could name one pose that has truly supported you in a way that allowed you to open, release, and restore your body and mind unlike any other pose what was that pose and why was it so empowering?

The act of going to that blissfully restorative space offline from my constant mind chatter, now does not need a pose specific just the permission to stop and focus on my breath and being. Simple savasana.

6. Would you say you are a different person after practicing restorative yoga? In what ways has restorative yoga changed your life?

Yes, restorative yoga has made an impact on my life by enabling me to offer the opportunity of healing to others.

7. What would you recommend to students that are new to restorative yoga?

Be comfortable foremost and stay with your breath.

8. There has been some inquiry for restorative yoga poses for women with breast cancer. Can you suggest any poses that would be particularly helpful?

Can you suggest any poses that would be particularly helpful?
Out of my field of specifics.

9. Please share any specialties (ie. Aromatherapy, meditation, sound healing, etc) that you include in your classes and/or areas that you focus on in particular (anxiety, stress relief, chronic pain).

A colleague and I offer small group sessions in comfortable environments with mixed modalities of massage Reiki and aromatherapy, very soothing if not down right relaxing.

10. What do you think will be the future for restorative yoga? Do you see the need increasing and in what ways will restorative yoga be able to serve people in the coming years?

As we mature into a better understanding of our being and why we practice this thing we call yoga we will become enlightened to those simple human behaviors that bring us to our natural healing abilities.

To start today with Restorative Yoga classes find Jeff and other teachers listed on the Restorative Yoga Teacher’s Database.

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