Jayne Robertson’s Inside Scoop on Restorative Yoga

by Restorative Yoga Poses on February 26, 2012

Jayne Robertson has been teaching Restorative Yoga for over 3 years and offers Yoga Therapy as well as other healing yoga classes allowing the space for each individual to find what is needed for him/her at each particular moment. See her complete profile.

1. Restorative yoga is a beautiful style of yoga, both powerful and gentle. How did you initially come to learn about this type of yoga?

A fellow yoga instructor/yoga therapist had undertaken a course with Judith Hanson Lasater and thought it to be highly beneficial as a practice and method of teaching. I respect and trust my friends knowledge and undertook two courses in the Relax & Renew style with Judith Hanson Lasater.

2. What key intentions do you share with your restorative yoga students?

The key intentions are to move from our over-stimulated (sympathetic) nervous system into our recovery/rest/renew (parasympathetic) nervous system. That when we are in a pose it should feel “delicious” and if not, that our voice is heard and the body supported in a way that invites the person to fully let go. In doing so, we can follow our breath and dive into a deeper sense of ourselves.

3. Please share any personal transformations and insights that you’ve gained through your practice of restorative yoga.

This practice is one of the most transformative of all types of yoga as it gives us time and permission to be quiet. Life is hectic, schedules are full and we often move so fast that we miss the sweetness of day to day living. Restorative yoga is deeply healing as it gives our entire being an opportunity to simply be. Our physical bodies heal, our emotional selves become quiet and can process stagnant energy, our mental chatter slows down and our soul is able to be heard.

4. In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of restorative yoga?

Shifting from a sense of doing to a sense of being. As a result, we manage stressful situations better and slow down to see the beauty of life.

5. If you could name one pose that has truly supported you in a way that allowed you to open, release, and restore your body and mind unlike any other pose what was that pose and why was it so empowering?

One pose is a difficult limitation as I have two that popped into mind with this question. The first is undoubtedly savasana (fully supported) and the second a supported supta baddha konasana.

6. Would you say you are a different person after practicing restorative yoga? In what ways has restorative yoga changed your life?

Not only am I a different person, but every student who participates is altered. This practice gives you the space in which you can dive into complete “me” time. It’s about letting go and diving in. Not only do the short term effects keep you floating following a session, but over time you simply perceive the world as a more peaceful and beautiful place.

7. What would you recommend to students that are new to restorative yoga?

Try it even if you gravitate towards more vigorous practices. Allow yourself time to learn how to relax and let go…it, too, is a practice.

8. There has been some inquiry for restorative yoga poses for women with breast cancer. Can you suggest any poses that would be particularly helpful?

The two I mentioned above.

9. Please share any specialties (ie. Aromatherapy, meditation, sound healing, etc) that you include in your classes and/or areas that you focus on in particular (anxiety, stress relief, chronic pain).
I use some form of guided imagery at the beginning of each class to direct attention inward and into the practice. I play soothing music and often use the essential oil of Lavender to enhance the practice. Stress relief would be the most common issue that is brought into class, however, many students come as part of a recovery process from surgery, illness or injury.

10. What do you think will be the future for restorative yoga? Do you see the need increasing and in what ways will restorative yoga be able to serve people in the coming years?

I hope it continues to grow in awareness and be part of every studio’s repertoire of what’s being offered. The need will increase as people’s levels of stress seem to be consistently on the rise. I see it as being an integral part of managing stress and unplugging from the ever constant connected world.

To start today with Restorative Yoga classes find Jayne and other teachers listed on the Restorative Yoga Teacher’s Database.

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Lisa Shuck February 29, 2012 at 11:28 pm

Thank you Jayne, very Insightful! I agree that in this non-stop world we need a form of deep relaxation to regenerate our beings. I will take the suggestions for relaxation on board.

Meta McDowell March 1, 2012 at 1:03 pm

Restorative yoga with Jayne has become an enormously important part of my life; it changed the way I deal with stress and pain and I can’t help but think that it is very beneficial for my health. Thank you Jayne!

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