Hurry up and Relax: Why Practice Restorative Yoga

by Restorative Yoga Poses on November 11, 2011

Article by: Sasha Bates

When I trained in restorative yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater I found it provoked many questions in my mind about how, when and why we relax. It inspired me to explore why we would want or need to slow down in the midst of a modern environment that is forever speeding up all around us, and to ask how yoga can help us to find that still point in a turning world. It made me question the balance of stress and relaxation in my own life, within my own practice, and in the environment I try to create for my students.

Time to relax?
As a teacher one of my big worries is that the class will get bored or feel that they aren’t ‘getting their money’s worth’. This often leads to me packing too much in to the class and feeling that I am somehow cheating if I allow a long time for savasana. Judith addressed what appeared to be a common concern during the intensive, saying that by allowing ample time for savasana we are in fact doing the opposite of cheating them – we are instead giving them something that no one else ever does. I realized that this was very true, that no one, and especially not myself, ever gives me permission to do nothing, to live in the moment, and to really relax.

Broadening this thought out beyond the yoga mat made me realize it is a common theme in my life – I tend to feel more virtuous the more things I pack into my day and I berate myself as lazy if I stop for a rest, just as I feel I have done better and worked harder if I have done a vigorous yoga practice rather than a restorative or more gentle practice. Despite 19 years of yoga I still don’t value the ‘not doing’ as much as I value the ‘doing’ and that is true both on and off the mat. Practicing restorative yoga and incorporating its philosophies into my regular yoga, my teaching, and into my life, is a way of redressing that balance.

Why relax?
So why do we need to relax, and how can restorative yoga help us to do so. Dr Herbert Benson has studied the effects of stress and relaxation on the body and explains “the repeated and inappropriate arousal of the fight-or-flight response suggests that we may not be capable of adapting ourselves either psychologically or physiologically as fast as the environment around us changes. Indeed, the prevalence of hypertension and the rapid rise of deaths from heart disease and stroke strongly suggest that we are not. Since the environment is unlikely to grow less complex or more stable, we must find within our own bodies a physiological means of dealing with the demands of twenty first century life. Can we influence our own physiological reaction to stress through individually controlled mental practices?” He discovers yes, we can change, the body has “an inducible, physiologic state of quietude. Indeed our progenitors handed down to us a second, equally essential survival mechanism – the ability to heal and rejuvenate our bodies.” Inducing this relaxation response is one of the aims of restorative yoga and in a 2008 Yoga Journal article Roger Cole explains how it works on us physically to reverse the stress of our environment: “When you relax deeply, your muscles release, your blood pressure and stress hormone levels drop, and your heart rate, breathing and brain waves slow down. You experience a wonderful all-encompassing feeling of calm. According to medical research, regularly quieting your mind and body may help you sleep better and reduce your anxiety. It can also have therapeutic effects on your heart, and on your immune, digestive, and other physiological systems.”

In addition to the anatomical advantages Judith explains how restorative yoga affects us energetically: “Prana, the masculine energy, resides above the diaphragm, moves upward, and controls respiration and heart rate. Apana, the feminine energy, resides below the diaphragm, moves downward, and controls the function of the abdominal organs. Restorative yoga balances these two aspects of energy so that the practitioner is neither overstimulated nor depleted.”

In addition, as with so many benefits of yoga, the results go way beyond the physical and the immediate. They tap into a deeper age-old philosophy and knowledge. Donna Farhi explains: “The Gayatri Mantra tells us that all life is sustained by one ever-renewing source. When we practice restorative postures, what we are restoring is our connection with the part of our mind that is linked with this enduring, vast, and silent source. Yoga tells us that when we are in intimate connection with this part of our mind and thus tapped into a greater mind, we are also tuned in to the body’s natural ability to heal itself”

Yet we all seem to find it incredibly hard to do this thing that should be so natural – relax. There are many psychological reasons for this which have to do with ego and fear fuelled by the society in which we live, but there is also a very simple physiological reason – Cole explains that while there are eight major nerve systems that activate you, only three calm you down, making it far easier to do one than the other. But restorative postures are designed to put us in the best possible position to be able to do just that. They are designed to “stimulate all three of these quieting systems at once, while systematically reducing stimulation of all the activating systems. The strategy here is to tip the balance in favour of the quieting systems, initiating a self- reinforcing cascade of calming nerve impulses that gradually turns off your activating systems and ramps up your quieting systems to full power”.

In order to do that, restorative postures are carefully designed not only to put the body in a position of total comfort where it can let go, but the environment surrounding the person is also carefully thought through. As Judith says: “the postures may look simple, but the work is very advanced” .

Roger Cole sums up the eight key conditions which should be met during a restorative yoga class: “physical comfort, muscle release, warm skin, a reclined or inverted posture, darkness, pressure on the bones around the eyes, permission to relax, and holding the pose for a sufficient amount of time. Each condition stimulates one or more quieting systems, while simultaneously inhibiting one or more activating systems.”

Farhi has a concise explanation of why restorative yoga works on a different level to a regular hatha practice: “most restorative postures are adaptations of classic yoga postures, during the practice of which you are passively supported by props such as chairs, blankets or bolsters. Because you are supported you do not have to use energy to get energy. You place yourself in a position to receive energy. Second, the poses are practiced with the body in a deliberately mild or graduated version of the classic pose, focusing less on stretching muscles and more on releasing tension and increasing the circulation of blood to key organs and glands.”

Because the body is so comfortable it can stay in the pose much longer than it would otherwise be able, which is in itself hugely beneficial: “This longer stay allows key organs and glands to become drenched with revitalizing blood. Because the action reaches deep into the nervous system, the practice of these postures can dismantle chronic tension patterns, improve immune function, and bring the body and mind back to their original state of equilbrium.”

Making the most of restorative yoga
Having established why the body needs to relax, and why restorative yoga facilitates that process, I will now look in more detail at how to ensure the posture is most effective. Judith lists three essential pillars: observation – noticing whether any part of the body is unconsciously holding on; support – both emotional and physical; and compassion or karuna, establishing an authentic connection with the student. I believe that the teacher’s concern to get every posture exactly right for that person, contributes to setting the scene and psychologically allowing the person to accept support and to enter into a good frame of mind for the relaxation to come – a lesson they will hopefully then be able to carry with them into other, busier times in their life.

Even seemingly small or symbolic gestures can induce deeper relaxation. For instance, placing an eye bag in the palm of each hand is a comforting feeling as it echoes the feeling of someone holding your hand, which is a supportive and loving gesture. Similarly, tucking a blanket in around the shoulders when lying flat, or placing an eye bag across the back of the neck when folding forward, mirrors the sensation of someone placing a protective arm around the shoulders. Even the way you lay the eye bag across the eyes is important. Of course this has a practical application of keeping the dark out, thus fulfilling one of the eight essential requirements. However beyond that function it also reflects a gesture that we tend to do automatically when feeling stressed – that of resting our forehead in our hands. Feeling pressure on our third eye, the ajna chakra, helps to take our attention inward and feels comforting.

The eight limbs
Beyond the physiological relaxation induced, restorative yoga can help us to learn and experience more about yoga philosophy and the eight limbs, which ultimately give yoga its higher purpose – to promote Samadhi, and provide an even richer life experience. Within the Yamas, ahimsa teaches us to have compassion for all living things and that includes ourselves. The way we throw ourselves around in the modern world, forever trying to speed up and race through, is not being kind to ourselves or to those others who have to deal with us in that stressed state. Restorative yoga is a way of treating ourselves with compassion, which in turn can help us to be more compassionate to others. Within the Niyamas also there seem to be many lessons towards which restorative yoga can point. Sauca – cleanliness of mind and body – can be enhanced if we allow our organs and tissues space to relax and our minds to take a break from disturbing emotions. Santosha – being content with what we have – can be furthered if we can be helped to appreciate each moment as we are in restorative postures. And Svadhyaya – finding self-awareness – can be deepened if we learn to stop for a while and look after ourselves.

Within another of the 8 limbs – Pratyahara – restorative yoga also has a role. Once the body has fully relaxed physiologically then one is in a more conducive state to enter Pratyahara – the conscious withdrawal from the input of the senses, from which non-attachment can begin to emerge. Judith says that this is when the deepest healing begins on an emotional and physical level, when a shift in the relationship with the ego starts to happen and you understand what dis-identification means. As Sutra II: 6 says: “egoism is the identification, as it were, of the power of the Seer (Purusha) with that of the instrument of seeing [body-mind].“ For many people when you say ‘notice the thoughts that arise’, that is their first experience of realizing you are separate from your thoughts. In Buddhist terms our suffering is directly tied to how much we identify with our thoughts, so dis-identifying from them is the most important lesson we can learn. As Sri Swami Satchinanda says:

“Every day should elevate us a little, broaden our attitudes, reduce our selfishness and make us better masters over our own body, senses and mind. This is the kind of yoga that will really help us. And let that highest goal towards which Patanjali’s Sutras point be our goal: that one day we should all attain the highest samdhi, the totally liberated state. This liberation is not for the remote future or for when we die; it is to be lived in the very midst of this world.”

Looked at in this way it almost feels that restorative yoga could be seen as a step along the path to moving from hatha to raja yoga, promoting a broader and more fulfilling yogic experience with the vaster range of benefits that provides. As I write this I realize that now seems like a good time to bring up the important point that restorative yoga is of course not the only, or even necessarily the most effective way to achieve these benefits. Yoga Nidra has similar aims and benefits, pranayama is invaluable, and of course meditation is the ultimate goal, which brings profound changes physically, emotionally and spiritually, and cannot be replaced.

However the reason I mention restorative in this context is because I think that for many it can be a more accessible way to get a glimpse of something more, that it is a non-frightening, non-esoteric way of introducing people to a world beyond the mind, people who might not feel ready or able to think about the possibility of meditation. Restorative yoga offers something unique along the continuum that takes us from yoga as exercise to something more fundamental. It shows how it is important to find a way that is right for the individual to get where they need to go at that time. For me, although intellectually I can see the need both for relaxation and for a higher goal, it was only by doing restorative yoga that I truly felt the need to do things differently. I believe that seeing restorative yoga in this way is a good example of the amazing breadth of yoga and how it will speak to each person individually. As Stephen Cope says “scriptures are full of exotic descriptions of what it means to be a fully alive human being. They describe the supernormal powers, highly concentrated mind states, deep forms of insight, and raptured altered states of consciousness. These things, we know, are certainly possible for human beings. And this is compelling. But a quiet question emerges: What is possible for me? In this life? This year? Now?”

Hatha yoga’s role

Looked at in this way, attending a daily or even weekly restorative class might not be possible now. For those people, restorative benefits can nevertheless be incorporated into a hatha class. One way is for some restorative poses to be included into the class to counterbalance the more energetic ones. It is also important that a good long savasana closes the class. This is one pose that even people who have never heard of restorative yoga know as all different styles of yoga include this at the end of a class. Some students often joke about it being their favourite part of the class – a chance to catch up on some sleep, but in fact Donna Farhi calls it one of the most difficult poses. She says: “Far from being a chance to kick back, we learn how to enter a state of profound relaxation while remaining conscious and attentive – a state of mind quite unfamiliar to the average person. To enter this state we practice a kind of conscious dying, a letting go of the things that make us feel armored and separate, and thus, that cause us to suffer and to accumulate tension.” Judith described its importance at the end of the class in this way. She said “the asana is not the yoga. The residue that the asana leaves behind is the yoga. Savasana gives the body time to imprint this into its nervous system.”

In addition, some yoga traditions – most notably Sivananda – have incorporated the need for restoration into all their classes. In a Sivananda practice, after every posture the student does savasana before moving on to the next asana. The principle is one of action and reflection. First we move, then we allow the body to reflect and absorb the lesson learnt from that asana. I first learnt yoga in a Sivananda ashram and I really loved that aspect of the classes. I had been motivated to take up yoga after years of insomnia, stress and overwork. Attending the Sivananda classes became the only time in my week that I truly relaxed and allowed my body to recover. As I became more advanced, I tried other, more active styles of yoga, found I preferred them, and stopped going to Sivananda classes. I gradually forgot how much I had enjoyed and benefited from the emphasis on relaxation that Sivananda advocated. Thinking now about the value of restorative yoga I am reminded of that time and realize that the principles of action and reflection could easily, to a greater or lesser degree depending on the class, be incorporated into a hatha class.

I believe the notion of relaxation can be transmitted in a more subtle way as well. Before starting each class I take the time to centre myself, meditate and breathe before I start teaching. If I am not breathing, if I am not grounding and centering myself, then it would be very hard for my students to do so either. Students are not just watching my actions and listening to my words, above all what they are picking up from me are the subtle cues about how I embody the philosophies I purport to espouse. So if I am not remaining calm and breathing, then they are unlikely to either. By teaching myself to relax, breathe and to value calmness I am not being selfish or lazy, I am in fact teaching my students a valuable lesson about prioritising their own grounding and stillness. The conclusion I have come to about how to invoke relaxation in my students is to be relaxed myself; make sure the tone of my voice induces a feeling of calm; work at an appropriate pace; allow silence; and create the right atmosphere. What I believe this all adds up to, is to honour and value the quietening elements and give these equal weight and importance as the more physically challenging postures.

Taking it off the mat
Psychologically, to many of us the notion of allowing ourselves time to relax, feels at worst, selfish or at best, unrealistic. However we need only look again at ahimsa to see that it applies equally to how we treat ourselves as to how we treat others. If we do not take the time to restore our bodies and minds to their full potential then we are in effect doing violence to ourselves and in one way or another that is, in the end, more likely to make us be unpleasant to others. So by taking care of ourselves we are in fact taking care of others. Buddha himself said that if you can’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone.

Judith had another definition of restorative yoga, which is a useful one to remember when trying to broaden the concept out into the wider world. She said that: “restorative yoga is learning the art of self-nurturing in a culture which prizes nurturing others.” She therefore encouraged us, before taking on any new task, to always ask ourselves ‘does what I am about to do include taking care of myself?’ and if the answer was no, then not to do it.

These are not always easy lessons to learn. As I am discovering, allowing myself to deeply relax can require some mental readjustment. Relaxing is not another thing to be done and got through and ticked off the list, it is about a far more challenging concept than pushing your physical limitations. As Farhi says: “To the untrained eye, these postures seem easy. Don’t be mistaken – these are sophisticated postures in the yoga repertoire. A newcomer to yoga who is accustomed to seeking strong sensation in the muscles as proof that ‘something is happening’ will need to look deeper to feel for the more subtle physiological and psychological effects.”

Anne Cushman also makes a good point: “These days my practice is teaching me to embrace imperfection: to have compassion for all the ways things haven’t turned out as I planned, in my body and in my life – for the way things keep falling apart, and failing and breaking down. It’s less about fixing things, and more about learning to be present for exactly what is.”

Cushman is right, we can only embrace imperfection if we live in the here and now -which restorative helps us to do – but this quotation also makes me realize that it is attitude that is crucial. Just doing restorative yoga is not what will help us, in the same way that it’s not the doing of yoga that will help us – we can just as easily approach restorative with the wrong attitude, as something that has to be got done – hence my title of this essay – hurry up and relax. This title came to me as I was getting annoyed in a restorative pose once – I was irritated and had a feeling of failure because I didn’t fall asleep, which, to my mind, meant that I hadn’t ‘achieved’ something. As soon as I caught myself thinking this I realized the irony.

In answer to the question I posed in the title – why bother with restorative yoga – I feel I now want to say instead – how can we possibly not bother? Restorative yoga calms us physically, emotionally and mentally and helps us access a deeper state of being. It trains us to be more aware and sets us up for a different way of living. As Judith says: “restorative poses cultivate the habit of attention. You learn to identify how and where you hold tension and consciously release it. You discover a clear space from which to make life choices. Through restorative poses you come into harmony with your body’s natural rhythms. Living by these rhythms is the key to good health.”

And so far from being an occasional treat, Judith firmly believes that restorative yoga should be incorporated into our everyday lives, and herself does at least one restorative pose at least once a day. Donna Farhi agrees: “While restorative poses are ideal for those times when we feel depleted or when we are recovering from an illness, I encourage the reader to consider a proactive approach and to make restoratives a regular part of your yoga practice. Reserving one practice a week for these rejuvenators or including a few in each day’s practice will help build stores of energy that can prevent conditions of depletion and can pave the way towards restorative health.”

I would add that incorporating a restorative element in a more active class, and being aware of its lessons off the mat are also essential. In exploring this subject I have come to realise that it is in the ‘not doing’ that the real work of yoga begins – being able to truly listen to my body, to nurture myself and to allow the poses to instruct me, rather than I them. As Vidya Vonne said “The physical yoga, or hatha yoga, was primarily designed to facilitate the real practice of yoga – namely, the understanding and complete mastery over the mind. So the actual meaning of yoga is the science of the mind.” Restorative yoga can take us one step closer to moving from the body to the mind by giving us a different perspective on our bodies, by giving ourselves the opportunity to show compassion and putting ourselves in a space where the mind can also let go.

This is a lesson that many wise people have espoused. Einstein said: “ The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Restorative yoga helps us return the more natural order, encouraging us to honour the gift and use our servant, the rational mind, to work to that end. As Mahatma Gandhi said: “There is more to life than increasing its speed”.

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弄得麗娜怪癢癢的「他已經不是小孩了!」文治的身體狀況,把我拉回到現實里。當一 品茶 只腳的褲子被脫下來時,文治將這只腳伸到我的大腿之間,被腿所拉上來的褲子已經完全被卷到肚子上面了。晚飯過後,青梅在我的房間裡點起兩對 品茶;大紅蠟燭。算是我和素 台北外送茶 蓉的大喜日子,也算是巧菊開苞的儀式。素 台北外送茶;蓉吩咐青梅不能離 成人色片;開,要脫光了留下來湊熱鬧,青梅便首先脫得精赤溜光。上司就用不著把褲衩扒下來了。而且直接往一側扒,從被扒開的地方,或是用手指頭,或是用鋼筆仟之類的東西,純粹是以猥褻為目的的 台北外送茶;插進女秘書的秘孔裡。大哥插著我,聽到媽的淫叫聲,于是更死命地抽插著,肏的我也不禁的浪叫著:「哎……哎 成人色片

援交 July 4, 2015 at 3:44 am

臉頰紅潤嬌豔可是,小穴依然開始變得濕潤。  還好這種情 高雄外約;形沒有維持多久,因為一輛長型凱迪拉 高雄外約 克轎車以及一輛十二人座箱型車開到了我們的面前。」趙姐隨後也下到了樓下,畢竟是有文 援交妹;化的 援交妹 人,一身樸素得體的套裝打扮,看上去就是一位賢惠的妻子,而一直謙虛的說著客氣話的李局長抛開了一臉卑微笑臉的主任迎向趙姐,緊緊握著她的手,笑眯眯的說 a片下載;:「弟妹放心,我回去一定盡全力幫助你們。佩琳也無瑕去理會,心中十分著急。龍哥笑說:「老師別擔心,我也是好人,萬事可商量,而且這些錢也不全是我借的,你要求的便求力少吧。」我聽話的扭過身體,爬到李平的胯下,然後張 a片下載 開小嘴,仔細地叼弄 av片;起李平的雞巴來

茶外送 July 4, 2015 at 3:45 am

讓裙子自動落好我用力搖晃著我的腰和臀部,動作越來越快,Amy姐不自禁「喔……不可以……啊……」的呻 桃園一夜情;吟起,我更用力的衝刺著,Amy姐不自 桃園一夜情 主緊抱著我,她那修長的指甲,深深地掐在我的背上最後 a片線上;我把她拖到床前,將她的雙腿 a片線上 掛在我肩上 av光碟;,我站在地上,猛烈直頂到她子宮心花兒裡,我幹的她紅潤的雙唇微張 桃園外送茶;,雙眼緊閉,雙手緊拉著床單,連聲音都哼不出來的隨便我幹。亂倫,為世俗所不容,在很多人心裡也是禁忌。但是,現在的我,已經放下了這種禁忌,以及這種禁忌帶來的害怕和自責,完完全全的享受在其中。如果兩人都願意,而且雙方都快樂,爲什麼不可以呢?突然間我又想到了自己。我母親跟 av光碟

台南外送 July 4, 2015 at 3:46 am

我感到一股射精的欲望他一離開,Tommy的另一個朋友就進來了,也不知道他是誰。他把我的身體翻過來,拉到床邊直到我的頭剛剛懸空在床外。來 高雄按摩外約 ,先親一下妳的穴。」不等小涵說「討厭」,我就放下了話筒。「爸,快點,他們正等我們呢!」我們趕緊站起來,爸爸穿起褲子,我也把裙子整理好。「怎麼是這樣子的呀? 伴遊 」方麗婷看到張紀輝 高雄按摩外約;的『小弟弟』問。「本來就是這樣啊!」「那麼小,好可愛呀!」說著,便伸出手去摸張紀輝;的『小弟弟』。這樣薇兒就能開始挑逗大哥哥啦,想到這薇兒不禁覺 伴遊;得自己怎麼那麼 一夜情;淫蕩,居然想要挑逗剛認識不久的陌生男子!薇兒把自己的想法告訴 日本成人短片;了大哥哥,大哥哥 a片下 一夜情

茶訊 July 4, 2015 at 3:47 am

我不好意思的點了點頭父權社會裏的喜慶遊戲,可有人問過新娘的心裏怎麼想?我跟欠哥說忙整天累壞了, a片 自己一個人離開了這個眾人皆樂我獨戚的場合。 a片;「嗯……嗯 18 av;……真好… 18 av 18 av ;…」素茵說:「死男人……偷愛人家……啊……啊……不敢說……用心點……哦……我 a片;要……啊……幫我女兒報仇……啊……舔用力一些,嗯……吃在小豆子上……哦……對……啊……」駿逸聽她的 高雄援交;浪語才終於恍然大悟,原來她是看到也聽到他和小 18 av 美的事情,怪不得浪勁大發,跑來勾引自己。;分開兩人的唇,我跟媽 高雄一夜情;媽;說:「現在讓我來好好看看我的愛人,我要看她身體的每一處地方,就像自己的身體一樣熟悉。;當他

偷拍片 July 4, 2015 at 3:49 am

就這麼說定我慢慢轉移目標,將嘴從胸口下 線上av 移,這時仔細欣賞開始動情的美人。只見她肥臀光滑細嫩是又圓又大,玉腿修長。我一動身,穎治也 線上av;醒了,她把手裡的東西輕輕 高雄援交 捏了一下,說道︰「你的雞雞比昨天長大了!」我沒好氣的說道︰「你 高雄援交;放手吧!我尿急時就是這樣子的。顺手把我推倒斌的怀里。斌一把抱住我,说:“菲菲,我们换着来的话,你会不会介意 台南一夜情;”。 高雄外送茶;李麟躺在床上輾轉難眠。他們現在正在做那一步呢?是老爸舔老媽的屁股,還是老媽嘬老爸的雞巴;或者老爸已經 台南一夜情 把肉棒插進老媽的陰戶?那他們用的是什麼姿勢?老漢推車?從後面插老媽又白又肥的大屁股肯 成人a片;定特別刺激。吉感覺到茹的身體像

台南援交 July 4, 2015 at 3:50 am

趙總的老 18 av 婆一把推開我高二的教室分了兩層樓,二層是理科 台南援交 班,分成一班到四班,五到八班的文科班則位於三樓。高一升高二的時候會先大概分成理科班和文科班,但課程內容沒什麼 18 外叫 av;大差別,公布成績也是 台南援交;整個高二一起,要這樣到高三才會真正分開來上課。是的,這叫偷藝,在武林中,經常 外叫;會發生這種陰謀事件,但偷藝者不管是外人或自己人,也須具備相當身手。更重要是,偷藝者更要精於另一派或二三派的精深武功招式,且具有一等一的高手才能辦到,因爲光是精於本門武功 av短片;,會立即被揭穿的。」望著梁芊芊扭腰擺胯似的走出房門,楊松笑著拿起手邊的電話「老婆呀!晚上我不回去吃飯了,你們不用等我了……」「又有

台北援交 July 4, 2015 at 3:51 am

心想真是個小妖精啊兩條白皙修長的玉腿真讓男人心神湯漾!明 高雄外送茶;雄的母親 av片;身材非常性感,就連面貌也算 高雄外送茶 是美人,常令明;雄心裡怦怦地跳著﹔平時,母親;在廚房做 av片 炊事時,明;雄從背後目不轉睛地注視她又圓又大的屁股,便覺得她白淨淨而赤露的屁股,就算隔著裙子也看得見似的,尤其看到她的屁股搖晃,他那勃起的陽物即像快要爆炸了!有時,母親;登階梯時,他會假裝漫不經心 高雄援交;的樣子,由下往上窺視﹔那時母親;的裙裡全看見了,豐滿的大腿,又白又清潔的內褲勒進股間,那時讓他會沒命的跑進自己的房間去乾手淫 a片;的勾當。沒過多久,女人的禁區外那根硬物忽地跳動了幾下,膨脹地更為堅實。她忙偷眼看去,看見男 高雄援交

台中情趣 July 10, 2015 at 6:53 am

我讓給你男人退出這時那個色魔男人更加囂張,他的手居然摸到我內褲,還 性感睡衣;在我的陰部的地方滑動。我實在不能忍受了,我正要站起來大聲喊有色魔的時候 性感睡衣 ,那個色魔男人卻拿出一把好象水果刀 情趣衣服;的東西頂在我的腰部,用很輕微只能我們兩個人聽到的聲音說:「小妹妹, 情趣衣服 是不是想我在你的漂亮臉蛋上劃上幾刀;啊?」我頓時傻了,我知道如果我起身大叫色魔我可能會脫身 網衣;。」我心裡想:「幹,你那個是什麼態度,把我老婆的雞邁當自家廁所一樣 情趣娃娃;可以隨便射嗎?」心裡是一陣子的氣憤,但身體卻一直不想上前阻止,懶鳥在不知不覺間翹得老高。可沒人能夠想到的是,採摘這美艷不可方物的嬌花蓓蕾的卻是一個在學校新區建築工 網衣

自慰套 July 10, 2015 at 6:54 am

告之馬上到要深圳黃毛疼的差點跳了起來。他氣急敗壞的掴了小蕙幾個耳光, 情趣店 卻見小蕙並沒有屈服。 情趣店;他眼珠一轉,立刻便有了主意,當即 震動棒;轉身出 震動棒 去,倏而又折返回來,手中已經多了一個酒瓶。我付出這麼大的代價,就是因為這件是薄薄絲質的,而且領口還是個大U形(比V形領口的可觀性更高),她最初外面還要套上一件外衣,但後來天氣暖和再加上和房東夫婦都熟了,她見到房東太太在家裡也是穿得很隨便,所以也就跟著「隨便」起來。咦,媽媽把我帶進她房間幹嘛?非常不雅觀的赤裸下體,高高翹起的粗大雞巴露在空氣中一抖一抖的動著,媽媽把我帶到 sm情趣 她床邊,示意我坐下。看 sm情趣;得他春情動蕩,神魂顛倒。久久蘊藏在體內的春情慾火,

震蛋 July 10, 2015 at 6:55 am

妻子一聲驚呼我茫然了,我的女友还能变回原来的 按摩棒;小晴吗?第四章难熬的两 成人用品;个星期终于过 按摩棒 去了,在开学之前我又回了一次家,其一是整理开学用的物品,其二也是为了整理一下自己 情趣骰子;的情绪,让 情趣用具;自己;尽快的平静下来。到她屋裡我聞道一股 成人用品 味道,一看座子上有一瓶人體潤 情趣骰子;滑劑和塑 性感睡衣;膠陰莖,當時我就挑逗她說:「姐姐這幾天想我都受不了了吧!每天都YY我吧!」她說:「別說了 充氣娃娃;,你就是孩子,只考慮自己;的感受,你舒服了就忘了一切了。到了月台上,我還在幻想著表姊是否會趕來送我。在月台找了兩趟,很無奈而傷感的上了火車….回想這幾天的種種,來時跟去時的心情相差何只 情趣骰子

充氣娃娃 July 10, 2015 at 6:56 am

電視調到閉路雙乳、屁股早給柳席抓得變型 情趣衣服;紅腫,濃濁的精液亦不斷從潰爛的陰戶中流淌出來。 情趣衣服 柳席一放下手,黛兒再也支持不住,整個人馬上就痛昏了過去,爛泥般倒在了床上。」阿賓說。 台中情趣 「那好,」敏霓拿起另一杯:「渴死你算了。」說完她就大口的吸滿一嘴,阿賓看她兩杯都喝了,連忙夾手奪過要給他的那一杯,活該,就只剩下一半。有一天麥克突然悄悄的對我說,帥,你知道嗎,在我們喀麥隆我這個年紀就可以結婚了。我問他怎麼了,他笑了笑了笑沒說話。我不知道的是他早已打好了我媽媽的注意,他這話說給我 台中情趣;聽就是想讓我提前做好 自衛杯 準備。「起來吧……」徐芷晴打破了兩人間的尷尬,她看出了李武陵眼眸中的熊熊慾火,頓時有些手足無

情趣商店 July 10, 2015 at 6:58 am

放心好了乘务员小姐们在 男女情趣 视线内 男女情趣;不断穿梭,为乘客提供下车前所需要 瑞典lelo; 瑞典lelo 的服务。他的一 情趣用具;隻手又放到她的陰戶上,輕輕的揉著,老婆呻吟的聲音更大了,他又把她轉了個身,兩人是面對面,把她的大腿提起來,雞巴對準她的肉洞又插了進去,老婆也淫蕩的抱住她的腰,隨著他的雞巴在抖動。先壓抑心底的情慾,試著找話說:「薇兒,來這兒快一;個月了,還習慣嗎?」「當然習慣啦,住哥的家就好像住自己的家嘛。 情趣用具 ”  但見那少年眼角 前列腺按摩器;一;挑,道:“你好勢利啊,稱他公子,稱我少爺,可是見他身佩長劍,是個武人,欺我一;介書生,手無縛雞之力,不敢揍人麽?”  那店夥啼笑皆非,只得作揖陪禮,涎臉笑道

情趣用 July 10, 2015 at 6:59 am

大家都想玩玩嘛菁菁再她跟老公研究此事時已經將我算計進去了,我再薑 情趣店;母鴨店遇上她們算是我倒楣,否則我當然不會跟她老公一起吃飯。 情趣店 另一邊,鳥窩頭捏起珉珉的臉頰,把可能滿是煙味 情趣按摩 的嘴湊到珉珉水漾動人的唇上,伸出舌頭猛舔,還探入她嘴中,彷彿熱吻中的戀人。我:「呃……你……好啦!我起來了啦!」Nic 情趣按摩;o:「那我們四十分鐘後見,我去打扮兼化妝一下。」我:「不用了啦! 充氣娃娃;去便當街吃個便當還化什麼大頭鬼妝喔!」Nic;o:「誰說要去便當街的?今天下午只剩你和我在,我們出去吃 充氣娃娃 ,吃完出去玩啦!」我:「呃……我有答應妳嗎?再說要我帶出去玩代價很高的!」Nic;o:「什麼代價?」我:「要拿身體來

前列腺按摩器 July 10, 2015 at 7:01 am

實在太引誘了我到樓下的7-11買了一罐紅茶就上樓了。就在我走到家門口時,我突然感到有人在看我。我回頭一看,原來又是 情趣 樓上的那三個男的坐在樓梯上抽煙,他們一 情趣;看到我回頭,就趕忙轉過頭去。今天買的小說應該不錯,蠻有挑逗性,他躺在床上翻閱著,越看越覺得血液沸騰, 自衛器 褲子裡的那根已經挺硬起來,於是就急急把手伸進內褲裡抓著肉棒上下套動,真還不怕家人突然打開門進來嚇一跳。過了一會兒,我發現大夥看我的眼神都變了,原來不 自衛器;知道從什麼時候起我的裙子已經蓋不住我整個臀部,露了一半出來,難怪他們的眼神都變了,因為我根本就沒有穿內褲嘛!我心裡在想,好吧!既然要 台中情趣;玩就玩開一點。作為反倉持派的關口常務 台中情趣

網衣 July 10, 2015 at 7:02 am

望著那迷人的臉龐…………「弟……,你可以再深 性感睡衣 一點,弟……,你再動一下嘛……啊……」玉燕嗲嗲地在我耳邊說著。我慢慢地退到洞口,又慢慢地擠進, 充气娃娃 性感睡衣;當我的肉棒進到最的盡頭時,她蹙著眉頭,我又慢慢地退出﹔當我退到洞口時,她又空虛的歎了一口氣﹔就這樣,一進 充气娃娃;一退的,我感到 自慰套;她的肉穴中愈來愈滑順了,她似乎也漸漸嘗到甜頭了……「弟……,好老公……我的好弟弟……啊……又痛……又麻……,弟……,你輕點……慢點……慢……可以再 自慰套 深一點……喔 情趣衣;……哼……」玉燕的下體隨著我的抽插,開始生疏的上下迎逢著………「親弟……嗯……我不痛了……真美……真舒服……親弟弟……唔……」玉燕眯著雙眼,雙

情趣衣服 July 10, 2015 at 7:03 am

扶起楊春梅的身體「啊!表哥呀!你嚇著我了,人家還沒好呢!」「妳騙我,我可是看得一清二楚的,妳已經尿完了。」「可是我還沒穿好褲子嘛!」「那有什麼關係,反正我們 情趣用 以前還 情 自衛杯 趣用;不是常常不穿衣服在一起玩嗎?」「可是…。」說完我頭也不敢回就往外衝。弟媳從背後一把抱住我的腰,把手伸進我的上衣裡,冰涼冰涼的小手,在我的胸脯上輕輕的迂回著,「大哥,知道嗎?那天之後我無時 自衛杯;無刻不再想妳。」「誰相信﹖我看真該把那個東西給你割了,到處害人﹗」「真是忘恩負義﹗剛纔你還哼兒嗨呦地高興呢﹗你出來吧,我讓你割﹗」「……」「依姐,你說話呀﹗」「東…你真還想要呀﹖」「想…想 成人用品 …」「我讓你幹得腰都直不起來了,你就可憐可憐

飛機杯 July 10, 2015 at 7:04 am

我的美人呀沈君全身一抖,突然意識到一件事,急切地說:「別射到裡面,今天……不是安全期,我求求你別射到裡面。」陳 成人用品 成人用品 ;鋼不管那些,按住沈君又射了七八次才罷休,然後悠閒地坐到沙發上欣賞.陳;鋼發現她雙頰暈紅,得意地說:「舒服吧?」沈君一言不發,依然躺在桌子上,全身赤裸, 前列腺按摩器 白色的精液緩緩從她的蜜穴流出,看來她累得不輕.陳;鋼拿起早已備好的相機 前列腺按摩器;,搶拍了幾張沈君的裸照,他要用這些裸照控制沈君,讓她永遠成為自己的性伴……沈君最終沒有辭職,她在陳;鋼的控制下,也逐漸沉溺於和陳;鋼的婚外性愛中。」「好!一切聽你的。」週進邊吻邊揉 網路購物;捏她的乳房、臀部後道:「方才我和令妹開開玩笑,你 網路購物

情趣衣 July 14, 2015 at 11:57 am

名 自慰套;叫徐子強彩玲推我坐在床上,玉娃隨即把頭鑽到我小腹下。露出淡藍色啲胸罩。此時在紓茗背後的老大,再次將雙手環到少女的胸口,開始揉捏 情趣娃娃;著 自慰套 柔軟的乳房,身體上下振 情趣按摩;動著。「你聽見了吧?」「嗯 情趣娃娃 ……」「真好聽。黃天不負有心人,終於讓我找到了新的法寶,那法寶叫做亂文我看的第一篇亂文,什麼名;字我已經不記得了,我只記得那時只看完一半就射了在嘗試過亂文的滋味之後,我就迷上了它。  「今天晚上,大家要多敬敬張叔女朋友哦,要為張叔創造機會哦!」劉莽煽動地對幾個小姐說。」我看著自己個這麼漂亮的女友而且她還肯委身於我,實在是求之不得,那會想到分手呢?我當然發 充氣娃娃;誓一生都會愛她。」 情趣按摩

男女情趣 July 14, 2015 at 11:58 am

怎麼樣基本動作凝視他的性器,我可不是說隨意一瞥,而是 自衛杯 用手捧著他的性器表達崇敬的感受。我偷眼觀察了他 自衛杯;一下,發覺他其實 自慰套 也在偷偷看我 自慰套;,顯得極其不自然,就想安慰他一下,便拿出做母親的架子裝著無所謂的樣子說:「至於那麼緊張麼?你是媽媽生的,咱們是親母子 按摩棒;,有什麼可不好意思的?好了,以後媽媽會注意 sm情趣;的,你先休息一會媽媽給你做晚飯。我告诉她刘 按摩棒 庄一冯姓村民扒灰把自己的儿媳妇领跑了,现在他儿子正在家寻死觅活呢。婉珍的丈夫對她說︰「我老婆要看看你,你就讓她知道一下,怎樣才算真女人!」那個恬不知恥的女人,就這樣當著婉珍的臉,摟住了她的丈夫,兩個人親吻起來。 生活情趣;  吳丹不

情趣衣 July 14, 2015 at 12:00 pm

她想反抗可是她問我 情趣衣;,我;要她跟我;回去嘛?我;想 夫妻情趣;想,不需要了。阿 情趣衣 木激情地吻著可可的脖子,輕輕咬著耳朵,左手 夫妻情趣 托著罩杯的豐滿乳房,右手仍在花叢中遊走。「嗯……娟娟姐……很棒……你還是這麼緊……讓小強好好愛你吧!」「呀……啊……啊……嗯……啊啊……」我;只能嬌聲地呻吟,享受被美少年抽插的快感,期待下一次高潮的來臨。我;下身一直在出水,成哥 (他媽的,我;要叫他王八旦) 站在我;正面,將他的壯偉的雞巴插進我;裡面,喔,不要看他身材不如阿凡, 前列腺按摩器 但他的雞巴真的比阿凡的耍大很多,他努力地抽抽插插我;,我;立刻感到舒解,渾身的緊張立刻鬆弛了,我;不經意的唔、唔地配合他的節奏啍出聲來。小玉讓

自衛杯 July 14, 2015 at 12:02 pm

在王哥和阿國的吸吮下儘管黛琦絲的手握住女婿的陽具時 情趣用 ,已經知道是個大傢伙了, 情趣用;但是當張無忌的肉棒完全顯露時,還是把黛琦絲嚇了一大跳,粗大而且修長的陽具上佈滿了爆鼓的青筋,黛琦絲的手幾乎就握不住它, 震動棒 不由得讓人感到有些害怕,巨大的龜頭像一個大蘑菇長 震動棒;在頂端。李賓嘻嘻的笑著說:「干嘛生氣?老師立下的規矩我也沒辦法呀!好,好,我洗澡去還不行嗎。她貪婪地吮弄我那已經完全硬挺起來的肉棒,臉上流露出興奮的神情,我看到媽 網衣;媽;這樣的表情之後,忍不住地把肉棒插入她的小穴,然後開始抽送起來!媽;媽;十分懂得讓我滿足, 自衛器;她臉上的 網 網衣 衣;表情以及從嘴裡吐出的淫言浪語,不斷地刺激著我的情緒,

情趣按摩 July 14, 2015 at 12:03 pm

我愈想就愈又是難受奶子好軟啊。)香澄強烈的感受著來自熊野的視線。素盈匆匆走了,我也梳洗過出來,我顯得很不好意思,反而玉晴則若無其事,好像昨晚根 充气娃娃 本沒有發生過什麼。至 充气娃娃; 性感睡衣 尊寶微微挺起上身,他眼中放光的盯著紫霞仙子潔白嬌嫩的肌膚上又挺又圓、不斷彈跳的誘人雙乳,無比驕傲的挺立著,隨著紫霞仙子那帶喘的呼吸,微微的躍動著。有時她弟弟來,我就只好回避兩天,回頭加倍補償。她似乎痛的受不了,俏麗的臉扭曲的不成人樣,開始在反抗,雙手用力的掙紮。我們的衣服也全的濕了。她的表情是沒有生氣啦,不過也沒有高興,完全是對於這整件事的不安與困惑。而且下個周末日子不一定好,這麽重要的 性感睡衣;事情,我要回去翻 夫妻情趣 翻老黃曆

成人用品 July 14, 2015 at 12:05 pm

卓也去撫弄玲奈的乳頭小靜和婷婷龜在浴室裡面遲遲不出來,我和Kevin一直三催四請,兩個人才穿著比基尼走了出來。終於,我在快速的抽插中衝到了臨 情趣商 情趣商品 品;界點,我感覺龜頭被妻那柔嫩滑膩溫熱的陰道套擼得得恍如 情趣用具;有無數在爬行噬咬似的奇癢鑽心,且一股股銷魂蝕骨無法言喻的快感襲遍渾身,只透骨髓。因為我平 情趣用具 時的工作都很忙, 成人用品;對外母這個建議簡直求之不得。桃子上下俱受性刺激,腰肢劇烈扭動,挺高臀部,示意我加強接觸。「哎喲﹗方叔,我被你一下子插到底了呀﹗」婉卿浪叫出聲了。我的父親詹姆斯是個銀行家,他大部分的時間都是待在辦公室裡長時間的工作。 震蛋;(可惡,我以為年輕的女人有陽萎的丈夫還能夠忍 成人用品

sm情趣 July 14, 2015 at 12:06 pm

小區正門和側門的樣 性感睡衣;子這怎麼能行呢。再怎說,做這種事情也太」「但是,你很興奮吧?」「 性感睡衣 」「瀋默是最好的回答。可岳母正在興 情趣衣服 頭上, 情趣衣服;她用手把我緊緊箍住,主動地肏起我來,一下、兩下、三下……我直覺得岳母的性技巧是那樣;地豐富、那樣;地騷情。”“高華,說話要算話,一會我陪你喝。明穗用指腹压在珍珠上,然后轻轻抚摸。雙手撫摸她的乳房 情趣精品;,同時他的龜頭也在她的陰戶外輕輕踫觸。」「我會記 情趣精品 住的 夫妻情趣;媽,您是萍萍的親媽,我想她就是知道了也不會怪我們的,其實我和萍萍做愛的時候告訴過她我想弄您,萍萍說只要媽您同意她不會反對的,呵呵。」王曼麗在說這話的時候,一直是斷斷繼 自慰套;繼;的,

情侶用品 July 14, 2015 at 12:09 pm

整根插進媽媽陰道之內過了一陣子,我不大耐煩了,一把把她抱過來,嚇她說:「是不 成人用品 是要我再幹你一次才聽話 充气娃娃 ?」這招果然靈驗,阿蕊由號啕大哭變成趴在我胸前抽泣,我又不斷講她老公的壞處,說:「剛才你浪成那樣,準是平時老公有心無力,沒能滿足你,要是過兩年他兩腿一伸,你不守活寡了?還是跟他離婚,在這裡做個快活人 算了。在娟娟上了大學以後,由於校園里的男孩子很多,有 成人用品;些人更整天盯著女生看,為了保持人家清純的形象,怕被人發現自己是個淫 情趣睡衣 蕩的女孩,所以我不穿內褲出門的習慣開始收斂了一些。”阿玫:“我喜歡你,真的。老婆我對不起妳。「早安!你們是三年級的 充气娃娃;吧?!不可以抽煙的!」香織內心對於這些不良少年

情趣店 July 14, 2015 at 12:10 pm

你再不張開嘴巴 情趣按摩;洗好後,無端端的想到姑媽宋太太。」  情趣按摩  「今天怎麼這麼多事?」  「嗯,嗯……哦 情趣衣;……」坐在兒子身上的妻子 情趣衣 忘我地呻吟起來。難道現在就真的沒有可以一生相依的感情了嗎?看起來她是遇到了一些什麽問題了。“…知道,他是我弟。媽媽今天一大早就出門,按照約定,此時我該出門去俱樂部接媽媽,接著我們母子倆一同前往那家剛開幕的室內游泳池匆匆忙忙地梳洗完畢,抓了泳褲、毛巾、換洗衣物,一股腦的將它們全塞進背包裡,我迫不及待的跑出門,花了約十五分鐘,來到目的地小偉啊,好久不 情趣内衣;見喲,你又長 情趣内衣 高了不少嘛?左腳才剛踏進去,櫃檯前,一位身材高挑、長相嫵媚的中年女性就走了過來,跟 成人用

情趣 July 14, 2015 at 12:11 pm

實在太爽了「雨辰…你…你是處女?!」雨辰艱難的點了點頭,伸手鉤住我的脖子抱著我,一對十分有份量的嫩乳就緊貼在我 網衣 的胸口,然後在我身下的褲襪美臀顫抖著向上略微頂著, 情趣内衣 彷彿是鼓勵著我繼續前進。下體的陰蒂特別不同,腫脹得連四周的粉色嫩肉也包不住,像一個小珊瑚般向外凸出,又像一顆紅豆,在老公的眼前綻放……。美枝姐的淫水流得好多,我的大腿都沾滿了。而后陳凱的舌頭有向下,在她的白白的脖頸上猖狂著,侵襲著自己從未開發過的領地。我 充氣娃娃 拗不過他,只好答應穿的sexy一點了。慕容妃也很愛這個高 網衣;高;大大的外甥。就像有一股力量在撕扯著身體的每一處地方一樣。剛才才讓他們摸我胸部,因為晴子說讓他們摸摸,試一下,我只好依了

性感睡衣 July 16, 2015 at 6:26 am

他急忙將她拉到一旁「我想要,好不好嘛,貂蟬,好不好嘛!」我故意在貂蟬面前撒嬌。莊匕發現自己的肉棒 情趣店,插進了媽媽的 情趣店 陰道后。“對。貂蟬的反應也達到了最高潮,她的身軀就像是毛毛蟲般的蠕動蜷曲,而她的雙腿更是用力地抵著床,令她下體懸空而起 自慰套 ,縷縷淫水不停地由小屄渲泄而出,順著我的手臂淌流出外。「嗚嗯……嗚嗯……」肉棒在她穴口外用力,粗大堅挺的龜頭擠進她的蜜源門扉,她身子震了一震,雙腿之間感到一個硬物在沖撞著尋找入口,恐懼的搖頭身體開始瘋狂地胡亂搖擺,本能反應就只能是晃動著自己的屁股 自慰套,試圖把我的陰莖從兩片陰唇中間驅趕出來 情趣娃娃。長裙落地,洛凝身上就只剩一套性感內衣。李豔梅咬緊牙關,刁了 情趣娃娃

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