Cure Low Back Pain with Yoga

by Restorative Yoga Poses on July 26, 2011

How Can Yoga Cure My Back Pain?

Yoga has both physical and mental health benefits. Restorative yoga especially can help you to relax, to be more aware of your body and breathing and it also helps to make you stronger. If you have never tried this form of exercise, you really are missing out. At first the poses may seem difficult, but as you master each one, you will not only feel better about yourself inside, but you will look better on the outside due to the fact that yoga helps keep our bodies supple and youthful.

For those with low back pain, the restorative yoga poses and stretches you learn will help to give you pain relief. Often back problems are the result of a weak core and tight muscles and ligaments. Stretching is a great help for back pain. It increases the blood flow which helps areas suffering from injury. Even stretching areas other than the back will help your back. For example, stretching leg muscles helps to take pressure off of the lower back.

Treating Low Back Pain with Upward Facing Dog Pose

To treat low back pain effectively, it is important to note the intensity and location of your pain before and after you complete the exercise. After trying a pose observe how the pain and symptoms change. If the pain was radiating down the leg and after the exercise is experienced only in the back, this is a positive sign called “Centralization” of back pain. This means you should continue with the exercise. However, if the pain does not change or becomes more intense, eliminate that particular exercise and consult with a qualified health care professional or Yoga Therapist.

The yoga exercise recommended is a called a prone push up or Upward Facing Dog. To begin, you will need to lie on your stomach. Position your hands palm down underneath your shoulders. Straighten your elbows as much as the pain permits. Aim to keep your hips relaxed and in contact with the ground so that you focus on arching your back. Hold press up for 1-2 seconds. If the exercise is helping, preform it 10 repetitions per session for 6-8 sessions a day.

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