Beginner Yoga Poses

by Restorative Yoga Poses on July 23, 2011

Yoga is an exercise designed to bring harmony and balance to the mind, body and spirit. Through focused breathing, people can use the various poses to create a healthier body both inside and out. The beginner yoga poses are designed to teach the basic principles of breathing and being still. The most basic and most familiar pose is sitting in the lotus position. This is where the participant sits cross-legged on a mat with the arms extended so that hands rest naturally on the top of the knees. The spine should be fully extended so the individual is sitting straight as if a string were attached to the top of their head pulling them up.

Basic restorative poses include the child’s pose which is often used as a cool down movement. This is a relaxing pose where the individual is in a kneeling position with their head forward and on the ground in front of their knees. The arms should be fully extended in front of the head with the elbows raised slightly off the ground. To relax shoulders, the arms can be pulled toward the back instead. In this pose the main portion of the body rests on the thighs, allowing the individual to take deep relaxing breaths while focusing on relaxing the muscles of the back.

There are several restorative poses which place the participant on their back in a reclining position. The positions offered as yoga for beginners can implement the reclining positions to help stretch the different muscle groups. One uses an alternating leg motion to bring the knee toward the shoulder to stretch the thigh and calf muscles. A variation on this leg stretching movement can be seen in the Reclining Eagle Twist where the legs are rotated in a side to side motion while bent.

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