Barbara McDonald Invites You to Relax with Restorative Yoga

by Restorative Yoga Poses on April 20, 2012

Barbara teaches yoga and provides massage for relaxation at Unwind Bodywork in Vancouver, Canada. She helps clients relax and recharge in a friendly, unintimidating environment. She has been teaching restorative yoga for 3 years. To find out more about Barbara please visit her profile here.

1. Restorative yoga is a beautiful style of yoga, both powerful and gentle. How did you initially come to learn about this type of yoga?

Through classes at a local studio and a back injury

2. What key intentions do you share with your restorative yoga students?

The importance of quiet, listening to the body and breath.

3. Please share any personal transformations and insights that you’ve gained through your practice of restorative yoga.

The invitation of the body to receive healing with held poses and the use of props, and the softening of my edges and increased space inside of me.

4. In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of restorative yoga?

Rest and relaxation

5. If you could name one pose that has truly supported you in a way that allowed you to open, release, and restore your body and mind unlike any other pose what was that pose and why was it so empowering?

Mountain Brook pose – opens the chests and lumbar spine and reminds me that I must flow over life’s obstacles – not crash into them.

6. Would you say you are a different person after practicing restorative yoga? In what ways has restorative yoga changed your life?

Yes, created more space inside of me so I have time to access rather than react.

7. What would you recommend to students that are new to restorative yoga?

Try it. Give yourself permission to stop DO’ing for just one hour.

8. There has been some inquiry for restorative yoga poses for women with breast cancer. Can you suggest any poses that would be particularly helpful?

Legs up the wall is soothing to the adrenal system as a whole and perhaps, side lying savasana which is very nurturing

9. Please share any specialties (ie. Aromatherapy, meditation, sound healing, etc) that you include in your classes and/or areas that you focus on in particular (anxiety, stress relief, chronic pain).

Guided meditation (similar to yoga nidra) visualization

10. What do you think will be the future for restorative yoga? Do you see the need increasing and in what ways will restorative yoga be able to serve people in the coming years?

I see the need for supported rest growing – however we are often preaching to the choir and more awareness of the practice needs to be publicized.

To start today with Restorative Yoga classes find Barbara and other teachers listed on the Restorative Yoga Teacher’s Database.

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Shelly Johnston King February 15, 2017 at 11:48 pm

Wahoo!! I found you!!!! I’ve been so sad we’ve lost touch- for too long!!
I called Kerrisdale community center about a year ago asking about you and your
info., with no luck!! I would ❤ to catch up!
New address:
606 Bordeaux Dr ( perfect huh)
Rockwall, TEXAS 75087
(512) 736-0206
Hope you are well, happy, and healthy!

Shelly Johnston King February 15, 2017 at 11:52 pm

Did this vine through?
Sorry if not more personal message
Thought would be,??

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