Uttana Shishosana, Supported Puppy Pose

by Restorative Yoga Poses on March 19, 2011

Excellent pose to stretch shoulders and spine. Opens chest and allows for deeply relaxing breaths.

Blanket, Pillow, Bolster

1) Begin on all fours in Table Top position. Adjust the shoulders directly above the wrists and the hips just above the knees. Place a pillow or bolster over both calves up against the flexed knee joints.
2) Walk the hands out in front of you keeping the arms engaged and hinge the hips backwards resting your thighs onto the support.

3) Allow the head and neck to release forward onto a blanket.
4) Send the breath through the low back allowing the shoulders and spine to open.
5) Maintain this position for 1-3 minutes building to 3-5 minutes with regular practice.

Be cautious with shoulder injury and perform only with the guidance of a trained yoga instructor.

A Variation of Supported Puppy Pose:

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Sarah Beth February 8, 2013 at 1:43 pm

hahaha I love the supported puppy dog variation!

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