Simple Supported Back Bend

by Restorative Yoga Poses on February 25, 2011

Restorative Yoga – Supported Back Bend

Also know as the “Anti-Slouch Pose”, this pose helps to relieve stress by opening the chest and shoulders while gently stretching the lower and middle back.

1 Blanket

1) Fold the blanket in thirds and stack them lengthwise on your mat.
2) Sit in front of the blanket, and begin to lie back coming onto your elbows and gradually lowering your torso and neck onto the blanket.
3) Your chin and forehead should be inline, relaxed and comfortable.
4) Allow your arms to come out to the side in cactus pose, bent at the elbow and relaxed to open the chest fully.

If your chin pops up and the neck is over-stretched, add a small pillow or towel roll under your head to maximize comfort. If more stretch is desired to the low back add an additional blanket to increase the height and extension to the low back.

Place the eye bag over your eyes, and breathe deeply. Hold the pose for 60 seconds, adjusting the height of the blankets or sliding up or down the blankets to find a more comfortable position as desired.

Tip: Try Simple Supported Back Bend after a long day at work to refresh, restore, and renew!

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