Advasana, Reverse Corpse Pose

by Restorative Yoga Poses on March 6, 2011

May help relieve lower and upper back pain including slipped discs. May assist in digestion.

Towel Roll or Two Pillows

1) Lie on your stomach with your forehead resting onto the towel roll or pillows positioned in a V shape so that there is room to breath without crunching or over-stretching the neck.
2) Stretch both arms overhead palms up or along the body palms down.
3) Maintain this pose for 3-5 minutes. To come out from the pose, bend the arms and press the hands into the floor hinging back into child’s pose.

1) Draw one leg up to the side flexing the hip and knee. Hold for 1-2 minutes then switch.

Breathe deeply feeling your abdomen pressing into the ground on the inhalation allowing the muscles of the low back, legs and face to relax fully.

Use caution with certain back pain stemming from stenosis as it may accentuate nerve compression.

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