Restorative Yoga

Exhale, you’ve made it.

Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing and revitalizing practice that encourages rest and resets the body, mind and spirit.

Deep relaxation is achieved when the body feels it is in a nurturing and supportive environment. To create this environment, restorative yoga uses Yoga Props and a soothing atmosphere that helps the body release stress.

Are you ready to revitalize your life?
Restorative yoga teachers are here to help. Gifted at facilitating the healing work of the body and mind, they are often quite intuitive and come from a place of deep compassion and understanding. Read what restorative yoga teachers have to say about this truly transformational practice of yoga.

Looking to find a Restorative Yoga teacher?
Use the search tool to locate a restorative yoga teacher in your area and experience restorative yoga in a calming and relaxing environment led by a certified yoga instructor.

Discover the benefits of this powerful style of yoga that is gentle yet empowering. Whether you are looking to de-stress, energize, or find balance restorative yoga can be an effective way to reach your goals for wellness.

How to Use this Site:
Explore and experiment with the poses listed below including backbends, forward folds, inversions, twists, and classic restorative poses. Each link includes a description of the pose, props required, and the technique of the pose including breathing method for deep rejuvenation.

Or browse a database of restorative yoga poses full of pictures to help you find your way into each supportive pose. Choose a Restorative Yoga Sequence to help guide you through a 30-60 minute restorative series with ease.

Restorative Yoga Backbends:
Simple Supported Back Bend
Setu Bandhasana, Supported Bridge Pose Supported

Restorative Yoga Forward Folds:
Paschimottanasana, Supported Foward Fold
Salamba Balasana, Supported Child’s Pose
Adho Mukha Virasana, Downward Facing Supported Hero
Janu Sirsasana, Head-To-Knee Forward Fold
Upavistha Konasana, Supported Wide-Angle Pose

Restorative Yoga Inversions:
Viparita Karani, Legs-up-the-Wall Pose
Legs on a Chair Pose
Uttana Shishosana, Supported Puppy Pose

Restorative Yoga Twists:
Supported Reclining Twist
Side-Lying Savasana with a Twist

Classic Restorative Yoga Poses
Baddha Konasana, Supported Bound Angle
Savasana, Supported Corpes Pose
Supta Padangusthasana
Salamba Supta Virasana, Supported Reclining Hero’s Pose
Advasana, Prone or Reverse Corpse Pose
Jyestikasana, Superior Pose
Makarasana, Crocodile Pose
Ardha Padmasana, Half Lotus Pose
Vajrasana, Thunderbolt Pose
Salamba Supta Padangusthasana, Supported Hand to Big Toe Pose

Restorative Yoga Breathing Techniques:
Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise

Restorative yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga that promotes deep relaxation for the body through supportive poses. The more the body is supported the deeper the relaxation can be experienced. In full relaxation, there is no movement, no effort and the mind is silent.

Restorative yoga helps to engage the parasympathetic nervous system allowing for improved digestion and the reduction of muscle tension, chronic stress, fatigue, blood pressure, serum triglycerides, and blood sugar levels. While the body relaxes in restorative yoga poses, health is promoted throughout all of the organs, tissues, and body systems.

Restorative yoga facilitates this deep relaxation through the use of props including blankets, straps, pillows, eye bags, wedges, and blocks which enable well-supported postures. When fully supported with the props, the body is able to enter into a state of deep and total relaxation. Typically restorative poses are held for 5-10 minutes or as long as they are comfortable.

Sequences of restorative yoga poses are designed to optimize relaxation by promoting healthy spinal motion. A well-rounded series will include backbends, forward bends, and twists in both directions. At the conclusion a restorative yoga practice is often an inverted pose, which aides in the reduction of blood pressure, heart rate and fluid retention.

Another benefit of restorative yoga is experienced by the organs. As poses alternate from forward bend to backbend and rotation right and then left, organs are rinsed free of waste and rejuvenated with healthy blood flow.
Through regular practice of restorative yoga comes the blissful juicy moments of a balanced mind, body and spirit.

Why is Restorative Yoga perfect for me?

If you are like most of us living in modern day society, life moves fast often with deadlines and demands brought on by family, job, and the constant rat race to keep up with it all. This leads to a chronically stressed state of being that jeopardizes the health of an otherwise naturally creative, resourceful, and whole person.

The body has a profound ability to heal itself and return to balance and homeostasis if allowed. However, it is rare that we take time out of our busy lives to listen to our bodies and slow down. The result is a compromised immune system, injury, and/or illness. Most of us know this but we don’t do anything to change until it is “too late”.

The further from balance we allow ourselves to drift, the more illness including low back pain, ulcers, high blood pressure (hypertension), and depression may result. Fortunately, in most cases we can break the cycle and restore our health.

To break the chronic stress cycle and find a way back to balance start with small steps. Giving yourself even 5 minutes a day of time of pure relaxation can be the baby steps needed to make a lasting change. Start by lying down on your mat (or blanket), place a bolster (or pillow) under your knees and a towel roll under your neck.

If you have one, place an eye pillow over your eyes and begin to breathe deeply into your belly releasing the tension from your face, eyes, chest and down through your abdomen. Allow your arms and legs to be free of tension and rest softly onto the ground.

On this website you will find poses and meditations on that can be practiced daily to help restore your body, mind and spirit back into balance, reducing stress and thereby improving your immune system and quality of life. Restorative yoga soothes your nervous system, quiets your mind and enables you to release deeply held tension. Think of it as a giant exhale that wraps your body warmly and gently reconnects you with yourself.


Restorative Yoga Poses

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